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Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Plan


Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Plan

1. Check the connection of the equipment once a month, and the plugs and sockets should be fixed firmly.
2. Measure the temperature inside the oven every 15 days. Clean the inside of the oven and clean the fan blades in the oven. Check your oven chains regularly.
3. Clean the cooktop and burners of dirt every 15 days. Check burner switches and safety.
4. Check whether the fryer is leaking oil every month, clean it on time, and keep the sensitivity.
5. Check the sensitivity of the platen thermostat once a month and keep it clean.
6. Check the burners in the steam cabinet once a month, and check the air and natural gas mixing devices to make sure they are working properly. Check the blockage and damage of the steam pipe, and replace it in time.
7. Check the transmission belt of the refrigeration equipment once a month, observe its working cycle and temperature, and adjust the defrosting device in time. Check the refrigerator door seal to ensure cooling efficiency.
8. Check the nozzle, casing and heating tube of the dishwasher once a month. In order to ensure the sensitivity of its automatic flushing device, check and adjust its working temperature at any time.
9. Check the cleanliness and usage of various kitchen utensils and equipment surfaces every day.