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What is a cooking pot? What are the skills of choosing a pot?


Pots are usually made of metal. Nowadays, there are many types of pots in society, such as various soup pots, steamers, fryers, woks, etc. Although they are very common, it is still a bit difficult for kitchen beginners to distinguish them. So today's article will tell you what is a wok?

1. What is a wok

Pot, as the name suggests, is a pot used for cooking. Cookware is usually made of iron, and its function is often relatively simple. They can only be used for cooking, not stir-frying. The rice cooker is also a kind of pot. You only need to set the cooking program and the required time, which is very time-saving and labor-saving. However, it cannot be used for cooking, so you must pay attention to this in the future use.

2. What are the skills of choosing a pot?

If you want to cook well, you must first have good tools, so how to choose a good pot is very important. When choosing a pot, first look at its material. Generally speaking, it is best to choose stainless steel. This way the pan will last longer, won't rust or stick to it, and won't smell bad. Secondly, choose a cooking pot, it is best to choose a split cooking pot, which is easier to clean. In contrast, the one-piece pot is easy to cause a short circuit when cleaning, and it is also very troublesome to clean.

So in terms of power cord, be sure to choose a rice cooker with a longer power cord. This is not only more convenient to use, but also prevents moisture from entering the socket. Finally, choose the capacity of the rice cooker, which can be selected according to the number of people in the family. However, it is best to choose one that is larger than the actual capacity, so that not only will it become larger, but water will not overflow when cooking.