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Easy-to-use household kitchenware is a comfortable quality of life


With the change of living times, people's pursuit of home life is getting higher and higher. In the past, kitchen appliances can no longer meet people's requirements, and some high-quality home appliances are more and more loved and favored by people.

These high-quality kitchen utensils do not mean how much time they can save us, or how they can make food different, but to feel the quality and sincere convenience in the process of giving food sacred meaning. Quality of life is actually seeking convenience.

The feeling that convenience brings us is really not to be described in words, but to touch your heart with the small functions of kitchen appliances. This is also the unique charm of home appliances. Let's take a look at what the kitchen can have. What a charming kitchen bar.

1. Gas stove

When talking about the quality of life, the first thing to talk about is the gas stoves in every household in case of power outages. The difference between gas hobs and previous hobs is that the previous hobs were placed on the kitchen worktop, while modern high-quality gas hobs are set on the same plane.

Setting on the same plane has the advantage of easier cleaning and stability. In the past, the stove was controlled separately and it would be run on the plane. If it gets moved, it gets greasy and dirty. Now it's a blast-proof glass plane with two different firepowers. Mode, Daofengxuanhuo is suitable for soup and porridge, and nine-cavity direct fire is suitable for frying and stewing.

Alloy button, fire according to the rotation mode, prevent children from accidentally touching, one-key flameout protection function. When cooking soup, if you accidentally turn off the flame with too much force, the protection function will cut off the air source in time, so you don't need to worry about air leakage. Gas problem.

2. Seasoning box set

Speaking of seasoning boxes, everyone will immediately think of seasoning boxes, saying that they are not practical enough, and they will be out of breath and damp if placed alone. Since it is a quality life, the recommended things must be tools that can really help the kitchen and housework.

The advantage of the seasoning box set is that it can store all kinds of small items in the kitchen, from cutting boards to seasonings, and you can also learn to make a mobile phone in the middle. The seasoning you worry about will add a moisture-proof one for you. Shell, everything you want is given to you!

3. Non-stick pan

The seasoned stuff in the kitchen is our pan. It needs to be used back and forth several times during the meal. Other requirements are fine. The non-stick pan is really comfortable.

The characteristics of nonstick pans are generally due to differences in materials and coatings. The casserole is relatively non-stick, and the cast iron material used can release oxygen during cooking, and the food is more fragrant.

At the same time, the cast iron layer has non-stick properties, and the longer it is used, the smoother the coating will be.

4. Automatic rice cooker

Why do kitchen appliances say rice cooker? Today is different from the past. The current electric rice cooker can not only be used for cooking, but also has more and more complete functions. It can be said that a rice cooker can solve everything that needs to be cooked.

The advantage of a fully automatic rice cooker is that it can technically achieve overall heating and the aroma of wood-fired rice cooked in the rice cooker. In terms of function, it also has functions such as cooking yogurt, toasting bread, and cooking miscellaneous grains, allowing you to do everything with a rice cooker.

Easy-to-use home kitchen appliances are a comfortable quality of life. Are you ready for these kitchen utensils?