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Since 1993, the founder of Delinmei Aluminum has started the business of recycling aluminum. After nearly 10 years in the aluminum business, we established our first factory in 2002 and started producing die-cast aluminum products such as small engine cases, motorcycle wheels and power tool spare parts. Our first die casting machine is 125T. Since 2007 we started to do die-cast aluminum non-stick cookware for export. We grew together with our partners due to customer requests and we started production of presses and forged aluminum non-stick cookware in our new factory in 2017.
After nearly 30 years of development, we are a modern enterprise specializing in the production, R&D and raw material OEM of aluminum non-stick cookware.
We are located in Yongkang City, the hardware capital of China. It is 280 kilometers away from Ningbo Port and 342 kilometers away from Shanghai Port. There are Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Yiwu, Wenzhou and other airports nearby.
Die-cast aluminum cookware factory is located in Yongkang City. In this factory we have 28000 square meters landscape 300 workers monthly production capacity is 300000 pieces.
Die-casting aluminum cookware factory is located in Lishui City, about 1.5 hours' drive from the die-casting factory. In this factory, we have 50000 landscapes more than 200 workers, and the monthly production capacity is 350000 pieces, because this factory is a new factory, so we have a great potential capacity for our customers.
Quality management is a science, and quality control is a kind of ability. Because at Nice Cooker, everyone pursues quality and pays attention to quality. The most important process to ensure quality is inspection. Starting from aluminum alloy raw materials, every production process requires strict inspection and testing. We have professional furnaces and large-scale smelting equipment, and the finished raw materials have passed the chemical inspection of international advanced standard spectrophotometers to ensure that our materials meet the "REACH" standard and other food safety certifications to ensure the fundamental quality of our products.
Innovation is the ability of enterprises to survive. Excellent equipment guarantees the company's research and development capabilities and innovation awareness. We have high-quality management personnel, build the comprehensive quality and brand awareness of all employees, and become the core competitiveness of Yongkang Delinmei Aluminum Co., Ltd.

High-quality talents help to promote the development of enterprises. Technology drives progress, according to market demand and customer feedback, Yongkang Delinmei Aluminum Co., Ltd. Continuously develop and innovate with innovative thinking and development vision. Through a professional design platform, precise molding and casting capabilities, the development time is greatly shortened. It only takes 40 days from the birth of an idea to mass production.
We always welcome all our friends and customers to visit us and establish long-term partnership with us.