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Which pot is better to use and safer? The advantages and disadvantages of 4 kinds of pans such as non-stick pans and iron pans will tell you


At present, the more common frying pans on the market include non-stick pans, iron pans, stainless steel pans, and enamel pans. Among them, there are more of the first three types. Enamel pans are called aristocratic pans, which can be fried, but they are only used as frying pans, which are not common. .

First, let’s talk about non-stick pans. Broadly speaking, there are several types of non-stick pans, including coated non-stick pans, special-crafted physical non-stick iron pans or stainless steel pans.

The non-stick pan referred to here refers to the coated non-stick pan. The physical non-stick pan will be listed later. The most popular one is the medical stone non-stick pan. I have used several.

The advantage of the coated non-stick pan is first, it is easy to fry, and the cold pan and cold oil will not stick, especially for the novice in the kitchen, the operation is very convenient, there is a sense of success, there will be no burnt sticky bottom, etc. The sticky pan is lighter;

Second, less oil is used, no fumes, the kitchen is cleaner, and there is less damage to the cook's skin. At the same time, reducing the intake of fat complies with the modern people's pursuit of low-fat and low-calorie health concepts.

For example, frying tofu, it is easier to use a non-stick pan and glide easily.

For example, stir-fried sugar, fried bean paste, starch and other ingredients are most suitable for non-stick pans. It will not stick with a small amount of oil. It will not work with other pans unless more oil is added and kitchen skills are added.

Disadvantages: There is a chemical coating on the surface of the non-stick pan, which is easy to fall off after high temperature or permanent. Therefore, non-stick pans are not suitable for high-temperature stir-frying. Usually, pay attention to cooking with medium-high or medium-high heat. Correct use can greatly extend the life of non-stick pans.

The most important thing is not to suddenly cool and heat. For example, just rinse the dishes under the tap water after frying, which will cause great damage to the pot. Many people's pots actually died of this.

Also, because of the coating, you can't use a shovel or sharp things to wash the pot, use a soft rag, usually use a silicone shovel or a wooden shovel, and you can't fry hard shellfish.

Summary: It is not sticky and easy to use, but also pay attention to maintenance. Generally, it should be observed in 1 to 2 years. If the coating is peeled off and scratched, it is recommended to replace it.

(If you are buying a pan for the elderly, non-stick pans may not be suitable, because many elderly people like to scrub with steel wool, which must not be used to wash non-stick pans.)

Second, the wok. Iron pot is a traditional pot in our country. Its popularity has declined for a while, but in recent years, with the change of health concepts and the appearance of iron pots in tongue-in-cheek programs, the price has risen sharply.

Advantages of iron pan: The pan is thin, conducts heat quickly, and has no coating, so there is no need to worry about the coating falling off.

The key to the maintenance of iron pans: Iron pans need to be raised with oil. After a long time, an "oil film" will form on the surface of the pan. The more you use the pan, the better and the less sticky it will be. There is an iron pot in my house. I bought it when I got married. I have been using it until now. It is black and shiny, and it is much better than when I first bought it.

If used correctly, it can be used for decades without breaking, and can even be used as a "family heirloom" to pass on to your children!

Tips: If you want to fry or boil lard, please be sure to use an iron pan, not only for cooking, but also for maintenance of the pan by the way!

Disadvantages of iron pans: easy to rust, consume more oil than non-stick pans, and require certain kitchen skills.

Note: Do not use detergent and steel balls to clean the iron pan. It is best to make less soup and cook vegetables in the wok, which is only for special woks. As soon as the detergent is washed, the "oil film" on the surface is washed away, and the iron pan will immediately become dull.

After cleaning the iron pan, dry the surface at last and dry it on a low fire. If there is no water stain, it will not rust

Generally, the surface of the iron pan is flat and rough, and it takes a long time to raise it to be smooth.

However, some iron pans have a concave-convex embossed texture design on the surface to reduce the contact area with food, so that some physical non-stick can be achieved.

Of course, just such a physical non-stick is definitely different from the non-stick chemical coating.

Here I will teach you a little non-stick skill of the iron pan-heat the oil in the hot pan, that is, heat the oil first, then turn it down a little, put in the ingredients, even if it is fried tofu or shredded pork, it will not stick La!

The third type is a stainless steel pot.

Stainless steel is a pot containing a certain alloy composition. It looks silvery on the surface. In fact, the quality is related to the type and content of the alloy contained.

The prices on the market vary widely, ranging from tens of yuan for cheap ones to hundreds to thousands of yuan for good ones, but it is not obvious from the surface. The water is too deep, too deep.

Advantages: A good stainless steel pot has a certain resistance to acid and alkali.

Disadvantages: stainless steel also requires skill to achieve physical non-stick.

Tips for use: Heat the stainless steel pot first, see the small water droplets stand in the pot without being absorbed by the pot, then add oil and stir-fry.

Note: There is also a protective film on the surface of stainless steel, so it cannot be scrubbed with steel wool. (Actually, I suggest that the whole country should ban the production of steel wool balls. Too much use of that stuff is not good for human health.)

Also, if your stainless steel pot cannot be wiped clean no matter how you wipe it, it is the so-called black powder, and the quality may be average. It is harmful to health. There have been news reports about a certain brand of stainless steel pot before.

The fourth type is enamel pot.

At present, enamel pot generally refers to adding a layer of enamel coating on the outside of cast iron pot, which is harmless to human body.

It can be used for stir-frying, but if it is used as a special frying pan, it may not be convenient, because it is too heavy and too hot. After one dish is finished, what should I do with the next dish? A little troublesome.

But you can directly stew the dishes after frying, such as braised dishes, which is very convenient!

As mentioned above, each pot has its own advantages and disadvantages. The key is to see which advantage you need to use, then use it correctly, maintain it well, and add luster to your kitchen career!