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Classic fry and grll pan for gentle frying for egg dishes, steaks, fish or vegetables. For everything that sticks easily when it is fried,such as pan cakes, fith or breaded meat.You need a nonstick pan. This ensures that the delicate food is fried in gentle and healthy way.
Also our classic fry pan has different design of the detachable handle and system could help you to save the space and also to let you use the fry pans in the oven


Factory Equipment:

Production capacity:Our company actively response to the government environmental protection policy. In order to produce 600,000 pots per month, we built up a stringent process system and use sophisticated equipment.


Our Service:

Timely Response:We promise response to the message promptly accurately within 12 hours.
Competitive Price: Make the products competitive in your market.  
Strict quality control: From the raw materials to the final goods, we implement a quality management system to produce high-quality products that strictly adhere to the chemical and physical requirements of the clients. Additionally, our products adhere to LFGB and FDA standards.
Fast delivery time: Within 7-45 days according to your quantity after receiving advance payment. 
Professional services: To satisfy all of your needs, we'll make sure that each project is monitored by a three-person team made up of product managers, salespeople, and inventory managers.

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